Microsoft Project Professional 2013



Originally launched back in 2012, Microsoft Project Professional 2013 is still an essential tool for project managers enabling them to collaborate, plan and communicate with their team members.

Microsoft Project Professional 2013 does exactly what a project management tool should do – simplifies project management while making cross-company collaboration easier. This edition is a great tool for project managers who need to manage schedules and costs, manage tasks and keep reports and business intelligence readily available.

Microsoft Project Professional 2013 Features

  • Track Resources

Maximize ROI with detailed resource management and visualization. Enable at-a-glance visualization of resource usage with new intuitive reports and heat maps. Gain better control over resources and make sure they are being used effectively across your organization.

  • Create Reports

New graphics and formatting capabilities replace the “walls of data” seen in previous versions. Burndown reports give you at-a-glance access to your project’s planned work, completed work, and remaining work as lines on a graph.

  • Stay on Track

Multiple timelines give you a clearer picture of the work involved in a project. With multiple timelines, each can have a different start and end dates but harmonize together visually. Set task and project dates up to 12/31/2149 — a whole century longer than previous versions.

  • A whole new set of reports

Explore customizable report templates help you create colorful, professional reports without having to export data to another program.

  • Easy-to-use Tools

Easy-to-use Tools, customizable templates, color schemes, and photo-editing capabilities

  • Project Server

The ability to connect to Project Server is only available if you have Project Professional. Project Server is useful in portfolio management and team collaboration tools.



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