Microsoft Project Professional 2016




Microsoft Project Professional 2016 delivers on some of the most requested capabilities: Resource Management and Resource Capacity Planning. Supporting these key capabilities are enhancements such as new Resource Engagements, a great experience for resource managers, and Capacity heat maps.

Microsoft Project Professional 2016 now provides an end-to-end experience for managing and optimizing your resource utilization.

Microsoft Project Professional 2016 Features

  • Work from anywhere

With Microsoft Project Professional 2016, you can work from your desktop or mobile device via the installed program or access all your work from a server.

  • Familiar software

Project Professional is the only project management system that works seamlessly with other Microsoft applications and cloud services to help you save time, money and effort associated with learning and training new and unfamiliar systems.

  • New reporting tools for measuring progress and resource allocation
  • Task Path highlighting to better prioritize tasks
  • Timeline creation tools to help you meet important goals on time
  • New reporting tools

New reporting tools ensure that timelines and progress trackers accurately reflect the current stage the project is in.

  • Measurement tools

Measurement tools make resource allocation easy and a Task Path helps highlight priorities to make sure you meet your goals on time.

  • Web and cloud-based tools

Manage projects from anywhere with web and cloud-based tools and sync up to co-workers with ease. The simple project management software makes tracking, recording, and planning easier than ever so you can be more efficient and get more done.

  • Use it during the entire creative process

The project management software can be used to plan projects, collaborate with others and stay up-to-date on project progress. Project Professional 2016 includes cutting-edge tools that will help your whole team work better together. This user-preferred software can be used during the entire creative process. Even from brainstorming sessions to production to the release of the finished product.




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