Microsoft Server 2016 Datacentre


Windows server 2016 Datacenter is a improved and better version as compare to standard version. It has all the features that are offered by the new Windows Server 2016 and more in terms of locks and limits.


The Microsoft Server 2016 Datacentre suits companies with heavy workloads, large virtual infrastructures, and high IT requirements. Datacenter Edition supports all the features available in the Standard Edition, with the key difference being that it lacks many of Standard Edition’s limitations.

Microsoft Server 2016 Datacentre Features

  • The number ofvirtual machines you can create is unlimited. However, just like in the Standard Edition, only one Hyper-V host is available per license.
  • Microsoft Server 2016 Datacentre supports Shielded Virtual Machines, ensuring additional protection and encryption. The extended security capabilities include secure boot, TPMs and disk encryption, which enhances protection against malware and insider threats. The Host Guardian, another component of the technology, provides support for Hyper-V hosts and the use of Shielded VMs. The functionality is not available in the Standard Edition.
  • Regarding containers, there are no limitations in the Datacenter Edition. You can create an unlimited number of both Windows and Hyper-V containers. As mentioned above, containers allow you to simplify the development, deployment, and management of your applications.
  • Another important element of Windows Server 2016 Datacenter are the storage replicas. This technology offers extensive disaster recovery capabilities by allowing you to replicate data between servers and clusters. Simply put, storage replicas are blocks of data gathered and stored to prevent data loss, thus giving you peace of mind. Storage replicas are available in the Datacenter Edition of Windows Server, although this technology is not supported in the Standard Edition.
  • Just like the Standard Edition, the Datacenter Edition allows for inherited activation, but with no limitations on where the server needs to be hosted. In this case, the server can be either host or guest.


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